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Taya Reid is a writer of short + long fict

The Project


I attempted a 365 photo project last year and failed. Maybe because Covid made it difficult for me to conduct the project the way I wanted to, maybe because I'm a lazy shit. This year I'm killing two birds with one stone. In order to remember how old I am, (turning 38, I forgot last year) and to keep up the momentum I built with writing in 2020, I'm committing to spitting out 38 short stories this year. But, there's a catch (gasp!). You, or anyone, can submit the prompts, restraints or parameters for those stories. 

There are 9 categories, of which you can choose 3 to force on me. Here they are, with some examples

The Categories

1. Word limit. You must have one of these and it doesn't count towards the three categories. The word limit can be any number between 10 and 1500. 

2. Setting - all or most of the action has to be set in this place. Mars, a bakery, a janitor's cupboard.

3. Character - the character must appear in the story. School teacher, single father, newly elected president of a knitting club.

4. Genre - the story must be written in this genre or a version of this genre, for example, romance could also be romantic comedy. Drama, Sci-Fi, Horror.

5. Word - the word must appear in the story. Any word, do I really have to give you an example of a word?

6. Object - the object must appear in the story. Calculator, smudge stick, Barbie doll. 

7. Action - someone must perform this action in the story. Dancing, eating an apple, taking a pill. 

8. First line/word rule - get creative, just give me a restriction on my first line, word or sentence. An example might be, your first sentence has to be three words long. 

9. Last line/word rule - as above. An example might be, your last word has to start with the letter F. 

10. Your Choice Rule - just as it sounds. You make up a rule that I have to stick to. 

There are three rules for you:

- I may not choose your prompts. This is not a reflection of you.  

- You will be fully credited in my published post for your prompts, but all copyright for the story remains with me. 

- I reserve the right to hound you for a portrait later if I decide to publish or exhibit the works in some form. 

The Stories


Stories blogged so far...

To submit your prompts, use the form below.


To ask me questions just drop me a line via the contact page here

To see what else I've written, head to this page

Happy new creative year!

Taya. xx. 

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