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The Collapse

This is Story Five in my 38 Stories Project.

Submitted By: Meika Birch-Davis

Word Limit: 25 words or fewer

Your Choice Rule: Competition answer. You can choose the questions (no word limit) and a 25 word answer.

Genre: Dystopian

Character: Taya, 57, Perth


Competition Time! We are giving away one single use sixty second time warp to Perth Lockdown 2021! Visit your life before The Collapse and escape this living hell if only for a hot minute. To enter simply tell us in 25 words or fewer what you would say to yourself twenty years ago.


It’s me, you. It’s 2041. After lockdown, everything changes. Get fake ID, gas masks, cash.

Drive north as far as you can.

Then run.


Thanks for reading. Because we're locked down I expect to smash out a few of these.

Please help me by submitting to the project - I need you in order to succeed.

Taya. xx.

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