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Cream of 2020: I'm One of Those Assholes Whose Year Did Not Suck

Yeah, I know. It's annoying, but I had a great year. The comparatively tiny lockdown we experienced here in Perth was spent writing, recalibrating and checking my creative self. I evolved my editing style. I chucked up a website. I was long-listed for Sydney Hammond and won Furious Fiction. I made decisions about pushing harder to make art not just pictures. I told stories. People liked them.

Here's the cream of my 2020 in photos. The kid, the wandering out yonder, the iso diaries, the friends and fam, the commercial jobs, the events, the sunsets, and all that Christmas hurrah.

Mono makes my heart melt.

I would make every photo black and white if I could. Crazy talk when I jump up and down about wearing colour to your shoot. I do love colour. But my heart is monochromatic.

The Iso Diaries.

I know, I know. Bit rich coming from a Perth girl. But we did have a little lockdown and I documented it safely and legally and full of glee because these are the kind of photos I love to take.

The Kid.

What can you say about your own kid? She's perfect. Except that part where she cut her hair. That was disappointing.

Make Art Not War.

I pushed a few of my own boundaries with editing this year. Expect more in 2021 now that I have a taste for it.

Real People + Their Dogs

It's not all about kids. This year I hung out with a lot of adults like a big girl. Kids are easier by nature, but the reward of an adult liking a photo you take of them is immense.

You + Your Crew

Just a bunch of photos I love from doing my thing throughout the year.

Love Letter

A few of my bestie to round it out.

Hope your year didn't suck, either. Or, if it did, that you can enjoy a happy new one in just a few days.

Taya. xx.

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