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Murchison Love

Took an hour out from my work ban in Kalbarri to shoot with this gorgeous local family.

From the moment I jumped in the 4WD and we hit the sand track I knew we were in for something special.

Kalbarri is a perfect blend of salt, sand, dirt, rock, vegetation and sky.

Little things - muddy river beds, sun drenched skin and deep, rich natural tones make this one of my favourite ever shoots.

At the end of the riverside session I spotted a sunny red rock between the trees and asked how far it was.

Like the troopers they are, these guys piled back into the car and off we went, all five of us bare foot up the rock and catching the last of the Mid West sun.

Bloody ripper.

If you're heading to Kalbarri my top 3 recommendations are The Murchison Experience, Finlay's for dinner and the magical beach at Pot Alley.

Oh, and bring me with you to take photos.

Love, T. xx.

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